Natural Amber Royal Treatment

Our Royal amber treatment offers an exquisite sensory experience of bioenergetics therapeutic spa with a duration of 120 minutes. Amber is an organic substance, a fossilized resin from the ancient Baltic forests, beauty provided by nature itself, a precious time capsule, a true luxury gift from Mother Nature. This Royal treatment begins with aromatherapy, using a spray of water with aromas along with a magnificent foot ritual. A full body scrub follows this: your therapist will wrap your body with Argan oil and sweet Almonds, sprinkling the magical grains of the golden amber powder scrub salts. The relaxing aroma will wrap you in an atmosphere of intense relaxation, a sweetness that awakens the senses. Then, with hot towels, the therapist will remove the grains of salt from the Dead Sea so that he can now dive into the last step, a 75-minute massage ritual that will wake up and restore the balance “Relax. Body Soul”will relieve stress and anxiety, which will increase awareness, concentration and reflexes.

  • 120min 170€

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